Anonymous sent: Whats the story behind "Fifty Shades" :o I've heard alot of shit about it and im curious of what it is....

In which context do you mean “a lot of shit?” About the series itself or the author? Here is all I know: 

  1. 50 Shades was once a Twilight fanfic titled, “Master of the Universe.” 
  2. It was pulled from fanfiction and made into an original by just changing the names with no other edits. 
  3. Due to the popularity of the fanfic, it’s published version flourished in big part from dedicated Twilight fans.
  4. At some point, the author (who is/was a producer in london) got the right people to read her books and a movie deal was put into place. 
  5. The books got more popular.
  6. Everyone and their mama started to read them. 
  7. Somewhere along the ride to stardom, the author decided to shit on her fans by not acknowledging that her books were based off of Edward & Bella. (Why do I say this? Ask the fans who were deliberately shut down when asked to sign their “Master of the Universe” things. Or how about the fact that it’s pretty much been said from the authors own mouth that the story was written in the Twiverse simply to gain popularity?)
  8. It is my understanding that the only reasonable explanation as to why this series literally became an overnight sensation, is because the author made a deal with a crossroads demon. 
  9. If you want to call me bitter, or jealous, or a hater… I could really give a fuck. All I know is that I would never shit on the fans who were the real reason I became anything at all. I just feel really betrayed is all. I really honestly loved that series until I found out what a snobby cunt the author actually is.
  10. This will be the LAST TIME I address anything regarding my personal feelings about 50 Shades. If I’m asked again I will ignore it, I’m over it.  
  11. This is my favorite number.
  12. Good luck, E.L. James. Crowley’s a total Divo.